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Powerful CORIO circulators

Corio CD-1000F


The new instruments of the CORIO series incorporate cutting-edge technology for fulfilling high expectations of accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. The CORIO line includes various models for daily and routine tasks in the lab.

CORIO refrigerated circulators 
With a working temperature range of -40 to +150 °C or -38 to +100 °C and a heating capacity of 2kW, the new cooling and heating circulators are ideal for use in laboratories and industrial environments. CORIO's various cooling modes, such as permanently on, automatic on, or switched off, ensure high energy efficiency. Pump capacity is 15 l/min with pressure of 0.35 bar. 
Safe and straightforward handling
The bath cover has an ergonomic plastic grip that protects against burns from hot surfaces. A special pyramid design guides condensed liquid back into the bath, where it belongs. Thanks to the intelligent operating concept of the CORIO units, the circulator's mains switch is easy to reach and all operating elements and safety functions can be accessed easily from the front. The mains switch turns the circulator and cooling machine on or off simultaneously. When in operating mode, the circulator fully controls the attached cooling unit. With no ventilation openings on the side of the unit, cooling machines of the CORIO series can be placed directly next to the application or walls, saving tremendous amounts of space.
An extensive selection of accessories like inserts, hoses, adapters, and more make it easy to individually adapt CORIO units to specific applications.
Overview of features:
-                    Working temperature range of -40 to +150 °C or -38 to +100 °C
-                    Various operating modes for the cooling machine
-                    Pump pressure up to 0.35 bar or flow rate up to 15 l/min
-                    Temperature stability ±0.03
-                    For internal and external applications
-                    Display is easy to read from far away
-                    Very quiet
-                    No side ventilation openings on cooling machine
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