Máy đo độ nhớt, NµLine Cone & Plate Viscometer

Tình trạng: Đặt hàng

Nhà sản xuất: ATAC - UK

Mã hàng: Model REL0100, Model REL0230

Máy đo độ nhớt
NµLine Cone & Plate Viscometer 

Hãng sản xuất: ATAC – UK
Model REL0100 - Nhiệt độ thấp 10°C đến 100°C
Model REL0230 - Nhiệt độ cao 25°C đến 230°C

Máy đo độ nhớt
NµLine Cone & Plate Viscometer 

Hãng sản xuất: ATAC – UK
Model REL0100 - Nhiệt độ thấp 10°C đến 100°C
Model REL0230 - Nhiệt độ cao 25°C đến 230°C

NµLine Cone & Plate viscometers, low- and high-temperature models

The NµLine® Cone & Plate viscometer was developed based on the RELL Analogue viscometer, with process applications in the paint, varnish, inks, resins, food, bitumen, oil, adhesives, and pharmaceutical industries. The rugged design ensures that it meets the high demands of modern manufacturing environments with both reliability and performance standards. 

NµLine® is a self-calibrating, highly adaptable ‘At-Line’ instrument designed to be a cost-effective and robust option between delicate laboratory instruments and the lower-end ‘Go-No-Go’ type viscosity measurement devices currently on the market. 

Readings can be taken at variable shear rates, with multiple speeds and at temperatures between 10°C and 230°C. 

•    Low-temperature Model REL0100: 10°C to 100°C variable temperature range with sub-ambient capabilities. 
•    High-temperature Model REL0230: ambient to 230°C variable temperature range (no cooling). 

Its capabilities are enhanced by new intuitive Windows-based software, compatible with Windows 7 and higher, which takes on board many of the additional rheological features that customers have requested; while still maintaining the historical foundations of the original ICI Cone & Plate instruments, on which the NµLine® Cone & Plate technology is based. 

Operation is simple, with easy-to-use navigation throughout the measurement process. The instrument is easily cleaned, and samples may be tested in 60 to 120 seconds, depending upon the material. 

Each instrument is ready to use straight out of the box and delivered with the following: 
•    Free cone of your choice, fitted with the viscometer and a 5ml calibration oil sample
•    Calibration certificate 
•    Complete PC Interface Software (Windows compatible, in English) at no extra cost
•    A Quick Start Guide and an Operational & Maintenance Manual (Electronic Version Optional) 
•    Cone Adjustment Hex Key 
•    Reusable shipping box
•    A full 12-month warranty

NµLine® viscometers are manufactured at the ATAC factory in the United Kingdom.

·    Variable speed settings: 5 RPM in integer increments up to 900 RPM.
·    Low-speed mode with speeds of 5-90 RPM in 0.1 RPM increments.
·    Instrument range, plate temperatures, and viscosity reading with selectable units, all software displayable.
·    The PC Interface software allows users to analyse and record results and run shear rate or time sweeps.
·    The viscometer is pre-calibrated, certificated, and ready to use straight out of the box.
·    Free cone of choice with all new machines, with easy self-calibrating routines for quick and easy set-up.
·    NµLine can be calibrated to operate with multiple cone sizes in the same machine.
·    Sample Size typically 0.2ml.
·    High-quality, value-for-money product manufactured to BS EN ISO2884-1:2006.
·    Designed to withstand use in rugged manufacturing environments.
Variable 5 to 900 rpm in integer steps or 5 to 90 RPM in 0.1 RPM steps (software selectable mode). Digital speed control typically better than 0.02 RPM

2 Poise, 5 Poise, 10 Poise, 20 Poise, 40 Poise, and 100 Poise

10°C to 100°C (Model REL0100) and ambient to 230°C with variable temperatures (Model REL0230), both ranges are available with variable temperatures having a resolution of 0.1°C and control typically +/- 0.1°C

SELECTABLE UNITS: °C or °F, rpm or sec-1, Poise or Pa.s.

Piezo Push-to-Read button unaffected by contaminants, standard push button as an option
Integrated stick mouse for software control
Precise beryllium-copper spring-based torque measurement
Simple automated cone calibration using NIST standard oils
Automated temperature calibration (additional equipment required)

Better than 1% of span using standard calibration oils

85-240VAC 50/60 Hz single phase universal power, 150 watts

10 minutes from ambient

4.3” colour LCD display

USB connection to external PC with free measurement Windows-based software (in English)
The instrument firmware is also upgradable via USB. Bilingual display. The firmware is available in several languages and can be customised by request.

H = 510mm, W = 302mm, D = 302mm
Weight: Low temperature = 13.5kg, High Temperature = 13kg

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